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Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry and Geophysics (BGI)
University of Bayreuth
e-mail : jyotirmoy.paul@uni-bayreuth.de



Post-doctoral Researcher (2021, Nov - Present), Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry and Geophysics (BGI), University of Bayreuth

Research Associate, IISc, Bangalore (July 2021 - October 2021)


PhD, IISc, Bangalore (2015- 2021)
Access PhD Thesis
Supervisor : Prof. Attreyee Ghosh

M.Sc, Applied Geology, Jadavpur University 2015.

B.Sc, Geology, Jadavpur University, 2013.

Research Interest

2. Dynamics of lower mantle due to grain-size dependent rheology
1. Origin, evolution and destruction of cratons

Modeling the earth back in time

Future research plans

Effect of grain-size dependent rheology in Earth's evolution


In peer reviewed journals
6. J. Paul, C.P. Conrad, T.W. Becker, A. Ghosh, 2023. Convective self-compression of cratons and the stabilization of old lithosphere, Geophysical Research Letters, 50, e2022GL101842, doi:10.1029/2022GL101842 [Online version, Open access]
5. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2022. Could the Reunion plume have thinned the Indian craton?, Geology [Online version]
4. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2020. Evolution of cratons through the ages: A time-dependent study, Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Online Version]
3. J. Paul, S. Mondal, R. Koyal, D. Sarkar, 2019. Burrow morphology of the ocypodid crab Ocypode ceratophthalma at Chandipur Coast, Eastern India and its implications. Current Science . [Online version]
2. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, C.P. Conrad, 2019. Traction and strain-rate at the base of the lithosphere: An insight into cratonic survival. Geophysical Journal International. [Online version] [Erratum]
1. A.S. Baidya, J. Paul, D.C. Pal, and D. Upadhyay, 2017. Mode of occurrence and geochemistry of amphibole in the Kolihan-Chandmari copper deposits, Rajasthan, India: Insight into the ore-forming process. Ore Geology Reviews. [Online Version]

Conference Presentations
20. J. Paul, P. Tackley, G. Golabek, A. Rozel, T. Katsura, H. Fei, 2023. Effect of grain-size evolution on the lower mantle dynamics, EGU General Assembly, Viena (Accepted).
19. J. Paul, G. Golabek, A. Rozel, P. Tackley, T. Katsura, H. Fei, 2022. Modeling Earth’s mantle evolution using olivine and bridgmanite grain growth parameters AGU Fall Meeting, Chicago.
18. J. Paul, C. P. Conrad, T. Becker, A. Ghosh, 2022. Self-induced craton compression: Potential implications for craton stability. AGU Fall Meeting, Chicago.
17. J. Paul, G. Golabek, A. Rozel, P. Tackley, T. Katsura, H. Fei, 2022. Effect of heterogeneous grain-growth in Earth's mantle. Ada Lovelace Workshop, Hévíz , Hungary.
16. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2021. Thinning of the Indian craton due to the Reunion plume eruption. AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleons, T15C-0177 [Online version]
15. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2021. Effect of the reunion plume eruption on the Indian craton thickness. 6th Rock deformation and structures, virtual mode.
14. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2021. Interaction of the Indian craton with the Reunion plume. EGU General Assembly, Viena. [Online version]
13. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2020. Understanding deformation of cratons in presence of mid-lithospheric discontinuity. EGU General Assembly, Viena. [Online version]
12. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2020. On survival of cratonic lithosphere. 36th International Geological Congress, Delhi.
11. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2019. Evolution of cratons in time-dependent mantle convection models. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco [Online version]
10. A. Ghosh, J. Paul, Effect of Weak Mid-lithospheric Discontinuities on the Survival of Cratons. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco. [Online version]
9. J. Paul, A. Ghosh, 2019. Time dependent 3-D numerical modeling of the cratonic evolution. Ada Lovelace Workshop, Siena, Italy. [Online version] [Poster]
8. J. Paul, A. Ghosh , 2019, Evolution and survival potential of cratons: A numerical study. IUGG General Assembly, Montreal. [Online version]
7. J. Paul , A. Ghosh, 2018, Stability of cratons since early Phanerozoic. AGU Fall Meeting, Washington DC. [Online version] [Poster]
6. A. Ghosh, J. Paul , C.P. Conrad, 2018, The Relation Between Tractions and Strain Rate at the Base of the Lithosphere: Key to Understanding Cratonic Stability. AGU Fall Meeting, Washington DC. [Online version] [Poster]
5. J. Paul , A. Ghosh, 2018, Variation of traction and strain rate with lithospheric thickness: An insight into understanding cratonic stability. EGU General Assembly, Vienna. [Online Version] [Poster]
4. J. Paul, A.S. Baidya, and D.C. Pal, 2015, Origin of alternate amphibole and quartz rich bands in amphibole bearing quartzite from North Khetri Copper Belt, Rajasthan, India, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, V23B-3161 [Online Version]
3. A.S. Baidya , J. Paul, and Pal D. C., 2014, Multiple stages of amphibole formation in the Chandmari Cu-deposit, Khetri copper belt, Rajasthan: implications for changing fluid composition vis-à-vis sulfide mineralization, National Conference on Making of the Indian Continent, Presidency University, Kolkata. [RG pdf]
2. J. Paul, 2014, Diversity of Indian climate and its effect on Indian music, 3 rd YES Congress, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Abstract Volume
1. J. Paul, and S. Mondal, 2013, Ecological significance of Ocypode crab burrows: A case study from Chandipur, Eastern Coast of India, National Conference on Earth Science in India: Challenges and Emerging Trends, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Abstract volume.

Contribution to science blogs

4. Cratons, Why Are You Still Here?, 2021 American Geophysical Union, Eos [Link]
3. 2021: 100th year of the craton concept and beyond, 2021, European Geoscience Union, Geodynamics divsion [Link]
2. How did the Oldest Part of the Earth Still Survive Today, AWSAR Scheme, Department of Science and Technology, India
1. EGU 2018: Experience of a first time attendee, European Geoscience Union, Geodynamics division [Link]

Social and historical articles

4. Geoscience in the third world, 2020, European Geoscience Union, Geodynamics divsion [Link]
3. Status of academic freedom, 2019, Confluence, Indian Academy of Science [Link]
2. The Forgotten Tomb: Inspiration of the Taj Mahal, 2018, Coldnoon [Link]
1. Celebrating scripts from around the world, 2018, IISc Connect [Link]

Science communication in Bengali

12. পৃথিবীতে অক্সিজেনের বিবর্তন: Review of "Destabilization of deep oxidized mantle drove the Great Oxidation Event", O'Neil and Aulbach, 2022, Science Advances, Geoscience Education [Link]
11. ডারউইন বনাম কেলভিন: পৃথিবীর বয়সের খোঁজে Geoscience Education [Link]
10. পৃথিবীর প্রাচীনতম গ্লোবের খোঁজে Geoscience Education [Link]
9. দ্বিতীয় মহাযুদ্ধের ডুবোজাহাজ খুঁজতে গিয়ে ধরা পড়লো পৃথিবীর চৌম্বক ক্ষেত্রের দিক পরিবর্তন Geoscience Education [Link]
8. ডাইনোসরের বিলুপ্তি থেকে হিমালয়ের উত্থান - এক ভূতাত্ত্বিক অভিযান Geoscience Education [Link]
7. ভারত মহাসাগরের গর্ত: পর্ব ৩: Super plume, 2021, Geoscience Education [Link]
6. ভারত মহাসাগরের গর্ত: পর্ব ২ (Geoid Anomaly), 2021, Geoscience Education [Link]
5. ভারত মহাসাগরের গর্ত: পর্ব ১, 2021, Geoscience Education [Link]
4. লাভার উৎস সন্ধানে, 2021 বিজ্ঞান [Link]
3. পৃথিবীর প্রাচীন পাথর গুলির জীবনযাত্রা, 2021, September বিজ্ঞান কথা, Vigyan Parisar, Govt. of India p. 14-15 [Link]
2. ব-দ্বীপের বহিঃপ্রকাশ, 2021 এ লেভেলে' বিজ্ঞান [Link]
1. পৃথিবীর গভীর কথা, 2020 বিজ্ঞান [Link]